Buying and Selling

  •   Invaluable assistance and expertise offered for buying and selling of property in India including real estate to individuals, corporates, real estate developers etc.
  •   Competence in handling the full spectrum of real estate properties.
  •   Awareness of the most competitive costs and fees involved in a transaction.
  •   Practical, Constructive and Innovative solutions.
  •   Professional, business-oriented approach to ensure best possible prices for our clients.
  •   The advantage of having an understanding of the dynamics and volatility involved while investing in real estate.
  •   Detailed information to the client regarding risks, technicalities and legal considerations involved in the transactions.

Rentals Residential / Commercials

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Experts advise that any investment in commercial property (other than for self-use), like office, retail, warehouse, etc., require the potential purchaser to consider aspects like the current leasing environment, the existing ecosystem in the region, distance from complementary and auxiliary industries, legal due diligence, clearances that are specific to the property’s usage, etc. On the other hand, a residential property must be analyzed for livability with respect to social infrastructure, the neighborhood and profile of other residents.

Joint venture developments

A joint venture is where you own the land, and then partner up with someone to develop the property. You form a joint venture and contribute your property to the new corporation. The developer's contribution is the finance, permitting, and construction.

A joint venture is a development in which two independent entities (people or companies) agree to work together on the project and split the profit.

For example, a developer who is experienced but short on cash to invest will seek out a financial partner (investor). An investor with funds to invest but no experience in development will seek out a project with an experienced developer.

Layout development

Examining of Regulations
Part – A : Technical Scrutiny

The following were made compulsory

  •   40 feet B.T. approach road to layouts / group housing & buildings.
  •   Internal layout roads – 40 feet B.T
  •   Good laid footpaths with kerb walls and painted signs.
  •   Sewerage line and drainage facility
  •   Septic tank (never near a lake)
  •   Water tank for drinking facility
  •   Electricity lines
  •   Water harvesting structures
  •   Avenue plantations with tree guards
  •   Fencing / Compound open spaces
  •   Maintenance of parks

Open plots marketing

Land is an important asset and investment in land or plots, is known to be lucrative as it assures better appreciation and offers higher long-term returns for investors. This is particularly true when compared to residential properties.

The value of any property, besides factors like its structural attributes and location, is significantly influenced by its land rates.The value of land has increased manifold in the last 20 years.

So, for anyone who is considering investment in plots, it is essential to understand the major factors that impact land pricing.

Another major factor in successfully expanding your real estate business is to develop a marketing budget and stick to it.

There are literally hundreds of avenues to spend your marketing dollars on, such as real estate websites, email marketing, social media marketing, and postal marketing.

Construction works

Construction work is any work carried out in connection with the construction, alteration, conversion, fitting-out, commissioning, renovation, repair, maintenance, refurbishment, demolition, decommissioning or dismantling of a structure, or preparation of a building site.

In general, there are three sectors of construction: buildings, infrastructure and industrial. Building construction is usually further divided into residential and non-residential (commercial/institutional).

Helping investments on properties

  •   Things to Consider When Buying Investment Property
  •   Plan on a big down payment. Mortgage insurance isn't available for investment properties.
  •   Enjoy being handy and fixing things. ...
  •   Income Varies. ...
  •   Property Taxes. ...
  •   Beware of fixer-uppers. ...
  •   Start small. ...
  •   Choose your partners wisely. ...
  •   Consider a REIT.

Helping investors to invest in construction business

A construction company is a capital-intensive business. A solid business plan can outline your assets, and make the case for your new construction company to access funding from investment sources, from private interests to SBA loans.

Construction companies executes the building / infrastructure work and what ever is there on drawing sheets, they make it real by constructing it for an amount agreed prior with their clients. First and foremost job a construction company does is to look for construction works in the market.

Home loans

  •   Home Purchase Loan: This is the loan that one takes for purchasing a home.
  •   Home Improvement Loan: This loan covers expenditure related to repairs of your home or even renovation.
  •   Home Construction Loan: This loan comes in handy when you are building a new house.
  •   Land Purchase Loan: Someone wishing to buy a plot of land for constructing his/her own house can avail this loan.
  •   Home Extension Loan: Suppose you plan to add another room, garage, bathroom or kitchen to your home. This is the loan that you should apply for and this also comes in handy if you are planning to have another floor.